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Are you looking for home appliance store furniture? With the improvement of people’s living standards, home appliances occupy a very important position in life. For example, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, televisions, microwave ovens, etc. have become necessities in almost every family. If you are ready to start a home appliance business, please don’t miss this home appliance showcase.

White color home appliance store furniture

microwave shelf

Display furniture and fixtures play a big role in opening a retail store. Which express items to clients in a goods way. So we have to pay attention to the style and draw a new 3D design drawing to see whether it’s good to use. And if there is somewhere not good enough, we can modify it in time.

How to make a unique home appliance store design?

First, send us a floor plan and tell us your requirements.

Second, discuss details to confirm home appliance store furniture

Third, the designer builds CAD models according to the description.

Fourth, check design pictures and confirm them as the final drawing.

Finally, complete the construction drawing, design part end.

Home appliance cabinetDescription:

This home appliance store design mainly for microwaves. It has a two-layer display shelf on both sides, which increases the showcase area.

Size: The size is 140cm W, 160cm L, 200cm H. What if the size does not match the shop size well? Please don’t worry. We can make it the same size as your store.

Color: The display shelf has white in color, similar to the color of the product. We can also use another color to make a different color

Material: MDF to make the display shelf body, high glossy baking paint is the finish material. We can also use plywood with laminate to get a different finish idea.

Timetable: 1. Design time is about 3-5 days 2. Produce time is about 15-18 days for one set 3. Shipping time is about 28-33 days depends on the final port.

Home appliance display stand

Questions you may have

Since many people are starting a business for the first time, they have many questions about the shop owners. I think the same is true for you. I have compiled a few of the most common questions here, and I hope it will be helpful to you. When you have any other needs, please do not hesitate to contact us to answer.

How to build the shop furniture

When confirming the order, we will purchase raw material first. MDF plate, laminate, light strip, etc.

Then cut up the wood plate to make the display shelf. The come step is to do a laminate surface. We will first smooth the wood shelf surface then attach it to it with glue. Since it doesn’t need light and sockets, we can get it faster than other furniture.

The last step is to clean the display shelf and take photos for confirmation.

How to package the goods?

Before packing, we will wrap the display case with a sponge and surround it with hard foam cotton at the corner. Then wrap the plastic film tightly to avoid falling off. The outermost layer is packed in wooden boxes to prevent loading and unloading from damaging the furniture. The wooden box and inner packaging are filled with foam for maximum protection.

How to install the display shelf?

As you can see in the picture, the store display shelf is complete in our factory. And it is delivered to you as a whole, so you don’t have to assembly anymore. Just unpack it and place it in the right place. When you order different styles of furniture, we will indicate on the outside box for easy distinction.

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