Nuts and dried fruits are good snacks. In China, nuts are sometimes used as gifts. Give it to relatives and friends during the festival. In normal times, it can be used as a snack for us to relieve hunger. Spices are the general term for seasonings made from dried plant seeds, fruits, roots, and bark, such as pepper, cloves, cinnamon, etc. They are mainly used to add flavor to food, not to provide nutrition. Many stores sell these products. Today I want to introduce a shop that sells nuts and spices.

Nut & Spice Shop Design

This storefront is drawn according to the floor plan and requirements of our customers. He sent me his main products, mainly selling dried fruits, nuts, spices, chocolate, and coffee. When designing, we can distinguish the display areas of different products. The customer’s storefront has glass windows. We can design some display windows so that when customers pass by, we can clearly see our signature products. Nuts and dried fruits can be displayed in some wooden boxes because they are also divided into many types, we need some grids to display. If they are placed inside the acrylic box, then we can design some shelf displays against the wall and put the nut box on it.

The two sides of the shop are mainly displayed against the wall, with nuts, dried fruits, and coffee beans on the left, and chocolates and gift boxes on the right. In the middle is the spice area. Further inside is a bar, where we can set up a cashier area, customers can also drink freshly ground coffee here, the wall is decorated with some decorations.

Display Furniture Material

We use solid wood for the furniture in this store. The quality and display effect of solid wood is very good and relatively safe. We use acrylic for the baffle of the cabinet. The cabinets displaying chocolates can be painted with MDF, and different styles of furniture materials are different. We will choose furniture that is more suitable for them. There are three choices of our materials, solid wood, MDF with baking paint and, plywood with laminate. Some cabinets do not deliberately store these nuts directly, so we need a glass or acrylic container to store them.

After the wooden cabinet is made, we will install LED light strips on the display cabinet. Especially for homes where chocolates and gift boxes are displayed, lighting can make our products more beautiful.

How To Order The Shop Furniture?

  1. If you have your shop floor plan, you can send me. We can make a design first. Like the above shop design. We will design the inside furniture,. When finished, you can see the whole shop very clearly.
  2. After confirming the design, we will give you a price list of each kind of furniture, you can see their size and material.
  3. Place an order, you can pay a 50% deposit, then we will start production. The production time is about 30 working days.
  4. Arrange the shipping. After finish the goods, we will take your pictures. You can check, then pay the balance payment and shipping fee, we can ship the goods to your nearest port or your detailed address.

How to install?

Some do not need to be installed and can be used directly when you receive the goods. Some larger cabinets will be divided into several parts. If this cabinet has light strips, you can put them together when you receive the goods, then connect the power supply at the interface, and then connect the cabinet’s wires to the local power supply. It is very simple.



Our shop design fee is based on the shop area. And the design time is 3-4 working days.


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