Talking about the most profitable mall kiosk business in 2019 ? sushi daily kiosk definitely will be the first place . Opening a mall sushi kiosk can soon become a very popular shop in mall.

Unique Kiosk is a leading mall food kiosk manufacturer since 2002, we have custom design and build hundreds of high quality sushi kiosk & sushi bar for our customer. From Australia to USA, you can easy find our work in your nearby shopping mall. If you want to open a sushi daily kiosk, Unique will be your best place to go.

So, How much a sushi kiosk in mall ? In unique, we offer affordable cost for all of our kiosk . For example. the blow design with a standard size of 4 by 3 meter, Only cost you $9000. However , the cost of kiosk are diversity from different size and materials that used on kiosk. if you planing to opening a sushi bar in mall in recent month. Welcome to contact us and find the best price for it.

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