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Many young people now like to wear loose and comfortable sportswear. Sportswear can be used for home, sports, or go shopping. It is a relatively light and comfortable clothing. If you want to open a chain brand sportswear store, we can give you some suggestions on how to start.

This is a sports shoe brand that sells sports suits, sports shoes, hats, socks, etc. The shop has a small cashier counter, this counter we can customize your logo on it and make it as your favorite style. The wall we have some back wall display cabinets for display the shoes, clothes and hats. You can use the hooks to hang on the products so that the customer can see and choose whatever they want.

We can make the store design as your shop floor plan and with your logo and color concept. For the 3D design, if small kiosk we will charge 300$ design deposit. And for the store furniture design, we will charge 500-800$ design deposit. The design deposit will deduce from the total amount when you order.


The material of the shoes store display furniture:

Main material: MDF wood material, with baking paint, stainless steel.

Glass: 8mm tempered glass.

Logo: 3D Acrylic lighted logo.

Other material: lighted box, stainless steel handles, stainless steel toe kick and so on.


For the store display furniture, we can install the main wire on each store display showcase. And then you just need to connect the wires together to the shop then the shop is going to work.

Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd is a professional manufacturer of store furniture and mall kiosk for over ten years. We do customize and we provide the best price and service. Please feel free to contact us to get a unique shoes store design.

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