High-end Golden Stainless Steel Shoe Display Rack Store Furniture

Hi, dear customer, today I want to introduce a high-end shoe store to you. The main material is golden color stainless steel and white baking paint. The top we have the spotlights and on the cabinet on the middle one. We have the led strip lights to make the cabinet look more attractive.

High heeled shoes are not as comfortable to wear as flat shoes, but there are still many girls who prefer high heels. Although I don’t wear them, I also love them. High-heeled shoes can stand tall and change the walking posture, which can improve the aura.

High-heeled shoes can lengthen the leg line and modify the calf curve. And high-heeled shoes can make people look tall, the legs are more slender. High heels can highlight the curves of the waist, arms, and legs, making them look more feminine. Wearing high heels will give a feeling of confidence. Even if you don’t wear high heels, many girls will have a pair in their shoe cabinets.

High heels are suitable for some formal occasions, and you need to match high heels when wearing a dress. Different high-heeled shoes bring different lines to the legs. In terms of height, 10cm and 12cm are the heights that make the calf thinner and make the calf lines look softer. High-heeled shoes have their own correct walking posture. This posture will make your figure look more upright, and it can shape and protrude the hips, legs, and waist, which can make the body curve look more beautiful.

The 3D design of shoe store:

We will charge 500-800 USD design deposit for the shoe store. The design deposit depends on your store size.

And then will send the 3d design of the shoe store to you within 3-5 working days after we receive the design deposit.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!




Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
WeChat ID: ShenzhenUnique

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