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We all know that the hand is the second face of a woman. Do you know what the third face of a woman is? Right. It is the feet. In the past, people put on shoes to protect their feet. Now shoes not only have a protective effect, but also an aesthetic and symbolic effect. For example, every season changes, people need to change shoes that match their clothes. Also they can understand a person through shoes. Therefore, every year we can see many new shoe stores appear.

Are you interested in opening a shoe store? Now I want to share a popular shoe store with you.

The Popular Shoe Store Display shoe store

From the pictures, we can find this shoe store is very big and open. It is divided into three parts to show the shoes. They are multi-layer wooden wall shelves, independent wooden display counters and display boards placed on the floor. Each layer of wood on the wall shelf hides light bars. This can make customers see shoes more clearly. And each independent wooden display counter is different. Also the shoe store provides customers with several big mirrors. They are two large round mirrors and four oval mirrors against the pillars. So people can try on shoes at will. In addition, the shoe store has many led lights on the ceiling. And some small potted plants on the counter.

shoe showcaseshoe display

You Can Choose Us To Customize A Shoe Store When You Want To Open It. Why?

  • More than ten years experience in display furniture
  • Can keenly grasp the current development trend
  • 7-24 hours professional pre-sales and after-sales service
  • Talent gathering. Like professional design team, sales team and skillful workers
  • Exquisite workmanship and professional installation guide
  • High-quality products and fast transportation
  • Cooperated with many well-known brands. And successfully established a good reputation in the industry.


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