Special Car Shape Bakey Kiosk Fast Food Bread Booth For Mall

Nowaday, more and more people like to eat fast food, such as bread, cake, pancake, waffle, because the pace of life is getting faster and faster. People need to catch the bus or subway to work early, which has no so much time do breafast by themselves. So they would like buy some fast food on  the breakfast booth. If you own one bakey kiosk, you can do the business on the whole day or choose the best time. Now I introduce one very special shape bakey kiosk to you. The good design of a kioks is also important, which can attract more people and improve your bakey store or kiosk brand.

Desription of the bakey kiosk

The bakey kiosk size is 5*3m. We can see it is a very special car shape with 4 wheels. People almost like something interesting, especially kids. They will be attrcted by your special design food kiosk. It is good for your business. And the mian color is red and white, it is aDesription of the bakey kiosk good color combination. The head of the car kiosk is the tempered glass showcase display the food. There are several shelves in the showcase, you can put many kinds of fast food for customer’ selection. And the car body, there are windows with food pictures posters to show to people. Inside the car shape bakey kiosk, there is one cash register and countertop at the end for sales to work and serve the customers. You can put some food tools on the tables. From the end of the car shape bakey kiosk, we can see there are many desks and one table-board for the customers to have a rest and enjoy the food. If some people don’t need to be up against the time, they can sit here and eat food slowly. It is a good function of the car shape bakey kiosk. There are the logo signs on all derection of the kiosk.

Desription of the bakey kiosk

How to open a kiosk?

In fact, it is very easy. When you have the ideas to open a bakey kiosk, you should do the market search and choose the best place for the kiosk. First thing to conderation is to open it in the mall or outdoor. Then you can apply the place and get the approval form the relevant department. Second to contact us to talk about your ideas. We will offer you a good suggestion and recommend. We are professional furniture factory and we can offer you the unique and special design for your kiosk. Tell us your the size and styles you need, our designer will make a 3D design base on your any needs. A good kiosk should be with good design style. The design can be modified if you have other ideas, we will try our best to meet your needs. About the design fee, it is $300. This is just the deposit, which means when you place the bakey kiosk from us, we will reture the design fee to you. So in fact, it is free design exactly. Our designer is very professional with much experience. Our many customers all give them a good praise.

We will arrange to produce the kiosk for you after the details and technology drawing are confirmed by two sides, and checking we got the 50% payment before production. The production time is about 22-25 working days, which depends on the size, style, and quantities of the kiosks. During the process, we can take some production photos and videos to you for a look. When the kiosk is finished, we will arrange the shipping for you.

If you want to open a bakey kiosk please contact us.

How to open a bakey kiosk?

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