High-end Bakey Bread Kiosk New Coffee Display Kiosk For Mall

Every one likes eating snacks. Bakey bread and coffee is leisure food and for people. It is a good choice to eat these food as breakfast and lunch tea. There are many people shopping in the mall, when they feel tired or hungry, they will buy some food and enjoy. It is a profitable business if you own a food kiosk in the shopping mall. You can just sell one kind food or several food in one kiosk, which depends on your business range. A attravtive kiosk is very popular by people, now I will introduce one nice bakey kiosk for you.

The layout of the bakey kiosk

This one bakey kiosk is 5*3m, which can sell several kinds of the food. It is suitable to sell bread, pancake, waffle, coffee and The layout of the bakey kioskother drinks. In front of the kiosk, there are the glass showcase to display the food. And there is one cash register side the showcase display. The sales can be responsibel for order and charge the fee here. The top is a frame with one sign “coffee” in the middle. About the sign, any logo or brand sign is ok. You can choose luminous logo or non-luminous body. Inside the kiosk, there is oven, sink,  the countertop for making the food, and coffee tools. There are some cabinets for material, tools and equipment storage, such as rifregerator. There are two tv player of advertisement and food pictures on the wall of the kiosk. Some decoration on both sides on the wall.

On the right side, three seats for customers to have a rset. There is one seat on theleft side too. There are lamps decoration on the top frame, which looks very nice. In addition, there are seats behind the kiosk for customers too, and its decoration loos a little luxury. Each seating area has installation sockets and USB ports. The ideas are very conderation. Not only this, there are two posters on the back the kiosk wall. The whole kiosk looks very nice.

The material of the bakey kiosk

The material of the bakey kiosk

The kiosk material is a alittle complicated. The basic material is plywood, which is waterproof and hard. It is very suitable for the food. The surface is the gold stainless steel, which looks very high-end and special. There are some hollow pattern to decorate the cash register. The bread showcase display is glass, people can look at and choose the food through the showcase also. If your mall has the requirements of the materials, we can also choose suitable materials for you.


Design one kiosk in the mall

To get the place approval from the mall. Then you can tell us the size and style you want, we will make a design for you base on your other needs. Then you can have a whole view of the kiosk. The modification of the design is available. If your mall has the requirements of the design and material, we can help you reach the approval. The design fee is $300, design time is about 2-4working day. For the customize 3d design, our design team will make a whole blueprint include the 3d design rendering, floor plan and CAD drawings.

Production of the bakey kiosk

After the details and technology drawing are confirmed by each side, we will start to produce the kiosk for you. The production time is about 22-25 working days. About the production steps, it is that make the wood cabinets out first, then make baking painting and stick laminate, then install the accessories, teo tick and so on. After the kiosk is finished, it will be packed well with standard packaging materials, foam inside and wooden carton outside to protect the kiosk.

Our factory is very professional furniture company with a excellent design team. If you are interested in the kiosk, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Production of the bakey kiosk

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