High-end Bakey Kiosk Fashion Cake Kiosk Booth For Sale

People all aorund the world love to eat something. Exactly, the catering industry will never be out of work. No matter delicious food in restaurant, snack booth, all kinds of the food stores, which welcome the customers and serve them everyday. In is a tired but big profitable business. When you shopping in street, mall, you can be attracted by many different kinds of food. As long as you make the food delicious, you will win many customers’ hearts and they will buy your food again and again. Cake, waffle, cupcake, ice cream are many popular in the food kiosk stand. A stylish bakey cake kiosk to show you.

Description of the cake kiosk

Basic information: This one cake kiosk size is 4*3m. We can see the color is dark coffee wood color matched black, and add Description of the cake kiosklittle brown wood stripes at front, which looks very high-end and classic. The basic material is plywood, and the surface is wood laminate and losid wood stripes.

Layout: Take a view on the right front side, we can see there are two tempered glass showcase to display. To show the cake shapes and styles, and different delicious food. Then people can choose and buy the food through the showcase. There is the cash register nnext to the showcase, which is convenient for the slaes to serve and customers to order. One white order machine is on the cash register counter. In addition, there is the brand logo sign on the cash register, it is 3D illuminate logo and very colorful. On the left part, there are three light boxes of the drinks pictures. It shows the kiosk not only sell the cake kiosk but also sell other drinks, such as coffee. The kiosk inside has so much space to put so many tools and machines. One sink is made in the corner. There are many cabinets to storage the food material and other things. Loot at the below picture, we can see there are also three light boxes on the left next the sink side. About the back part, it is a small door. Also one logo sign on the back too, it can let people know.

Description of the cake kiosk

How to order

Tell me your information regarding your counter,including shopping area size,logo,branding and what things you prepare to sell.

Our designer will give you the 3D drawing plan in 3 – 5 working days according to your request about the kiosk.

After the design finished ,if you find some place not acceptable ,our designer will  revise it freely.

After the design plan approved by you,we will give you CAD drawing plan, then manufacture it.

We can help you to buy some machines about the kiosk, and delivered together with your goods for saving your some time and money.

About the shipping, if you have no your own forwarder, we will choose the best and competitive price shipping way for you. if you have the forwarder, we can also offer you the shipping price, then you can compare the price with your forwarder, which more selection for you. BUt normally, we always offer the cheap and reasonable shipping fee to our customers, because we also want to reduce our customers’ cost on the shipping.


Design fee: $300, it is the deposit, please be sure that the design fee will be returned to you after you place the order.

Design time: 2-4 working days

Prodcution time: 22-25 working days

Shipping time: 25-30 days.

How to order

If you have the ideas to open a food store or kiosk please contact us. We can offer you the unique style interior design and kiosk design. We are custom factory with over 10 years experience. Besides, we also have a professional design team and skilled wood workers. The furniture is all made by their hands.

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