Modern Style Bakery Kiosk Mall Bread Kiosk Counter Display

Bread is a kinf of fast food for people. More and more people like to bread, waffle, crepe etc. these food as breakfast with the fast pace of life. Besides, the food not only just can as breakfast, but also as the dessert. We can many food kiosks are very popular in the mall because people always like to eat delicious food. Baking is very common in our life. So if you want to open a bakery kiosk in the mall, which will be popular too. To sell the baking food is a profitable business. Next I will introduce one modern bakery kiosk to you.

Description of the bakery kiosk

The bakery kiosk size is 3*4m. Let’s have a view from the picture. We can see there is one tempered glass showcase to display some breads cakes and other desserts. About the corner, there is onw wood cabinet as the decoration, Description of the bakery kioskyou can put some machine or other decoration thing on it. The space of the showcase is enough big. One cash register is near the showcase, which is very convenient for the customers to order and take the food from here. On the right side, there is one bakery machine on the countertop. In addition, there is still some space for you to use. You can take good use of the space. At the bottom, it is a special design to make a ” L” shape, and you can put the drinks to inside it, which also can be a decoration design. People also can buy the drinks from the bottom. On the left part, a big countertop space for you to use. And a consider design for customers is the seats. There are several seats for the customers to enjoy the food here.

There is a big refrigeration for drinks. As we all know, the bakery food is dry. People will feel thirsty when they eat the bread series food, so they will also buy the drinks from you when they have the needs. About back wall, it is modern and special design according to the customer’s ideas. There are some colorful boards as cabinets and decoration. You can also put something on the cabinets. One light box to show the menu in the middle. On the right part, there are some food and drinks patterns. About the top, it is acrylic, it is good to install the lights as decoration to make the kiosk looks more beautiful.

Description of the bakery kioskTo make a design of kiosk

The design is necessary, because we need to make the kiosk size match your size in the mall. Not only this, we also need to make the design to match your kiosk theme, style, your equipments and other requirements. To customize one unique kiosk is what we do for our customers, so if you have the ideas to open a bakery kiosk in the mall, please contact us and talk about the details, such as size, style, color, your equipment and your requirements. The design fee is $ 300, please be sure to know that the design fee will be deducted in the total amount price in the order. When we offer the design to you, if you have some changes or ideas, we can modify it for you until we can reach the cooperation.

We are a custom professional factory in specializing in producing the furniture with over 10 years experience. We can offer you the relevant suggestions on the design of the kiosk. If you have any questions, we are willing to help you and offer you the best service. To make a design of kiosk

Dessert display kiosk with interior decoration

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