Are you still looking for a nice juice bar kiosk? Here today I want to share with you a high-end wooden juice bar kiosk. See this smoothie booth, its all surface used solid wood panels, the two pylons used green color, corner area used little green grass, the whole kiosk looks very fresh and high-end. Its size is small but it is very functional. The front side is the main work counter. This kiosk is mainly selling fresh mango, so customers can see how the workers make the mango. The right side has two sinks for washing, the left side is the cash counter. The backside is a door. Do you like this fresh juice kiosk design?

fresh juice kiosk

Detailed info about this juice bar kiosk

mall smoothie kiosk

Size: 10ft by 6ft

Color: solid wood color and green color, white color

Materials used: plywood with solid wood panels and green laminate finish

Countertop used: white Corian stone

Accessories included: green grass, 3D illuminated logos, glass baffle, stainless steel sinks, advertising TVS, white led light strip

Production time: 22-25 workdays after order confirmed

Usage: this kiosk can be used to sell fresh juice, smoothie, bubble tea, etc

mall bubble tea booth

What’s the progress to customize a fresh juice bar kiosk?

  1. It would help if you thought about what style, color, size, etc.
  2. You need to meet mall management then find a suitable location
  3. You need to find a professional design team to help you design the kiosk. Mall as usually will ask 3D design plan and detailed drawing for approval. We can help you create the design plan.
  4. After getting approval, then we can confirm the order. To start production, you need to arrange a 50% deposit. When the kiosk is all finished, then you arrange the rest will be ok.
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