Fashion Yellow Oval Juice Kiosk Creative Shopping Center Juice Bar

The juices are made of the fruits, which is very nutritious for people. All fruits can be made the juices, sometimes, they are mixed together into a special and new tastes juice. Most people like to drink iced juices in hot summer. When you have the place in the mall, you need to have a nice juice kiosk for working well.

Description of the juice kiosk

The juice bar is yellow, a fresh and bright color. It is oval shape, and it is like the yellow lemon. We can customize the shape and color base on your demands if you have ideas on it. We can see the juice kiosk can hold many machines to make the juices and some fast food. The register is in one round end front side, the waffle and juice machines are on its right side. The sink is on beverage kiosk right side.

juice kiosk 1

The logo is yellow with black letters. It is luminous and on the middle of the juice bar front side. One big light box is in the kiosk middle, and it can show the juice styles to people. Besides, you can put any information on the kiosk. In the juice bar, you can make different tastes of the juice, which is a good promotion way to run the juices business.juice kiosk 2

This is the back side of the juice bar. There is also one logo at the end middle to show to people. We can see the back layout. We can put the equipment around the counters of the juice kiosk.

juice kiosk 3


The oval shape juice bar size is 3*2m. The kiosk middle space is enough for one staff to move and work. More bigger space you get in the mall, more better layout we can make for you. It is customization.

juice kiosk 4

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