Juice is very popular in the drinking, and most people like it because of its’ health. And that’s why the so many people want to do the fresh juice business. And it has a huge profit in the business, and easy to make it.

Once you start to do the business, you need to find a space in the mall firstly, and then find a direct factory to help you produce the kiosk.

A wonder kiosk based on the wonderful 3d design. So I will introduce a 3d design to you as a reference firstly.

You can see that the two top sides of the kiosk has the light box which can make many people can see the menu clearly. And on side of the kiosk has a sitting area and customer can sit here and enjoy their food. The corner of the kiosk has a huge glass box, and you can put the fresh fruit into it and customer will know that they are fresh fruits.

The action can increase the trust from the customer and will help you attract more customers to visit your business.  And the other side is cashier desk and pick up area.

One side of the kiosk is washing area and working area. The sides is very secret and can avoid the sight from the customers.  And there are most storage in the kiosk, then you can store more material.

As for the price, all of our kiosk based on the final 3d design, size, and material. Different requirements will have the different price.


So the 3d design is our first step and display all of your needs on the 3d design firstly. After you confirmed the 3d design, we will start to make the project.

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