Customize juice kiosk popular smoothie bar counter design for sale

Fruit juices and milk are terrific ways of getting vitamins with your water. Vitamin smoothies are a great way to enjoy a cold beverage and relax on a hot summer day. If you want to start a business in the summer, you can try the juice business. 

Below we sharing with you a customize juice kiosk popular smoothie bar counter design. Hope that you can get some ideas from here about the juice kiosk design.



Let us look at the 3d design of this customize juice kiosk popular smoothie bar counter. The front side is a wooden display showcase for the juice and some foods like the cake, bread and bakery foods. And next to the display showcase is a cashier counter. The customer can order the food at the cashier counter.

On the two sides of the juice kiosk has a tall display showcase that can display some foods. On the back side is a big blackboard for the menu. The top is a ceiling that can install the lights. The back wall is a tile decoration wall.


For the material of the juice kiosk, we use plywood with laminate. For the countertop material, we can use is man-made stone or quartz stone. And the back wall we will use the real tile. The ceiling material is metal frame. On the top has the brand logo and the customer can see it clearly.



We will install a whole juice food kiosk in our factory and pack it divided into a few parts. After you receive the juice kiosk you can put them together. And connect the wires ( male and female connectors ) to the local power supply then it will work.

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