Fresh coconut milk smoothies juice kiosk food stall 3d design

Coconut water is the pure natural juice contained in the coconut. It is a sweet and delicious drink, with many advantages that cannot be matched by drinks. Compared with general fruit juice, coconut water is a more refreshing and thirst quenching product with better effect.  

Do you want to make a food kiosk to start a coconut milk business? Here we have a fresh coconut milk smoothies juice kiosk food stall 3d design, let us have a look together.



This is a beautiful style fresh coconut milk kiosk design. It has a top with lights and a lighted logo. On the front side of the coconut milk kiosk is the solid wood strip finish. And the countertop is man-made stone. The front has a glass display fridge for you to display the cake, drink and so on.

On the wall of the back side has the display shelf with the led strip light. Then you can put something here, for example, the cups, the tools etc. On the back side of the coconut milk kiosk, we can put some equipment machines and the water sink.


Our design team can make a customize 3d design for you to fit your business. For a customized 3d food kiosk design will charge a 300USD design deposit. We will make a new 3d kiosk design model with the size and the logo you want. You can send us the equipment machine list then we can arrange the layout for you.



The package of the juice kiosk is foam inside and a wooden box outside. And the shipping we can ship to the nearest destination port or door to door address as you like.

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