Bakery bread food stall juice and coffee shop counter design 

What should prepare before you start a food business? Many people want to start a food business but do not want how to start. If you have an idea to start a food business, you can ask us for help on how to start. Our team can make a customized food kiosk design to fit your business whatever the food you will sell.

This is a bakery bread food stall juice and coffee shop counter design. It is a food stall with a seating area. You can use it to sell coffee, juice, bakery food, fruit, bread and other foods. Let us see the design as follow.



The layout of this food kiosk has a food kiosk area and a seating area. It has a food kiosk on the front. When the customer comes, they can order the food and then move to the seating area to have the food.

Food kiosk area – It has a black metal frame on the top of the food kiosk. The usage of this black metal frame is for the spotlights and the TV & lighted box. You can put the menu or the price list here for the customer to order the food.

On the front side counter is a cashier area on the left side and next to it has the glass display showcase for some ready foods. The back side counter can put the equipment machine on the countertop for the staff to make the food.

Seating area – On the back of this food kiosk is a seating area. It has the seating area for 2 people and four people. We can arrange the size of the seating area according to the actual location size. The seating area is comfortable and relax.

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