Smart phone shop design mobile services counter store furniture

Now everyone has a mobile phone and a cell phone has never left. And upgrading of mobile phone is also relatively fast, so friends attach great importance to this opportunity. It has a lot of mobile phone shops now, but some friends at the time of opening cell phone shops don’t know how to decorate a design a mobile phone shop. Here you can get some tips on smart phone store design.

Whether the appearance of mobile phone stores is good or bad will directly affect consumers’ desire to consume. If the appearance design of the mobile phone store is more delicate, then consumers will be very willing to enter the store, so as to increase the opportunity for sales.



Mobile phone store layout must be scientific and reasonable, at the same time more delicate. It would be very boring to simply stand in two rows. Mobile phone store counter placement, mobile phone placement must be special, innovative layout and design to retain the hearts of consumers, so as to improve sales opportunities.  


This smart phone shop offers mobile service and sells mobile phones. Against the wall of this smart phone shop has the wall display cabinet that can display the cell phone and some accessories. The ceiling of the cell phone store has spotlights that can light up the whole shop.

Also, the cell phone shop has some service counters and a waiting area. The feature wall has a big 3D lighted shop logo and some TV screens and lighted boxes for advertising.


Our design team can make a customized 3d mobile phone store design for you. You can send us the shop size or floor plan then we make the shop design according to it.

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