Simple style cell phone shop laptop display counter store fixtures

With the rapid development of technology, the speed of mobile phone replacement is getting faster and faster. So, the decoration industry of mobile phone shops must not lag behind. All electronic products must be at the forefront of The Times, leading the trend of people’s life. 

Therefore, the mobile phone shop must have an upward fashion theme, do not blindly follow the trend, to have their own unique innovation, and combine with the mainstream products, to add fashion elements for the decoration of the mobile phone shop.  Now let us have a look at a modern style mobile phone shop design together.


Our company has a professional design team that can make a customize 3d store design for you. Please send us if you have the size or the floor plan of the shop. Then we can make it in the 3d and send it to you.

Usually, the layout of a phone shop has a cashier counter, some wall display cabinets for the products. In the middle of the mobile phone shop, we can put some display counter. On the top of the display cabinet, we can put the logo of the name of the products. So that the customer can choose them easily.


For a professional mobile phone store design, we will charge a 500-1000$ design deposit. ( According to your shop size ).

And the design time is about 3-5 working days. The customer can check the design and let us know if need any changes to the layout or style.

Our design team will update the mobile phone store design according to the ideas of the customer.


For the material of the mobile phone shop, we usually use MDF with baking paint. And the display area, we can use glass display shelf, slatwall display, we can add the lights on it.

Also, for the logo on the top of the wall display cabinet, we can make it a lighted logo or not lighted logo. You can send us your logo then we add it.

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