Small White Coffee Kiosk Mini Coffee Bar Customized Cafe Design

A good coffee is a cup of coffee that comes to you when you need it. That’s why I say that the most important thing about good coffee is convenience. After all, coffee is just a drink and a living habit. So a convenient coffee kiosk is good for you to work efficiently for customers to reduce a their time.

Description of coffee kiosk

The coffee display kiosk is white, it is a common color but also a popular color to match everything, and most people like them. But every color can be customized, different colors also have the impacts on people’s vision.

From the front view of the coffee display kiosk, we can the logo is on counter left corner, and the creative yellow promotion letters are put the rest parts. The frame of the kiosk has so many layers for putting the coffee cups, machines, small plants. It can show the coffee culture. The coffee bar left side has the big green plants and the coffees in the baskets. Its right si

coffee kiosk front side

de also has different plants and a sign to show the coffee information to people.

From the back view, the coffee bar has a counter as the customer area. When people buy the coffee, they can have a short rest and enjoy their leisure time. Besides, when other customers see there are people at your booth, they can know your booth is popular and prefer to have a tastes for your coffee. The back frame top also can put something.

coffee kiosk back side

Size of coffee kiosk

The coffee bar is 8*8ft, it is not big but it has all functional already. It is convenient for working too. A great small kiosk can also support a good business for you.

coffee kiosk 3

Design of coffee stand

Design fee is $300.

Design time is 2-4 working days.

We offer 3d effects, modification and technology drawing.

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