Coffee is very normal in our life, most people like the drinking. It can make the kiosk more refresh. It is normal drinking for the office people. So you can catch the oppertunity and start your business.

After you find a suitable place in the mall,  and need to find a supplier to help you make the kiosk.

Next, I will introduce a coffee kiosk to you as a reference. Then you will know the clear effect of the kiosk.


The main style of the kiosk is natural and it represent the clean and comfortable. It has a food counter on the side of the kiosk, and one side is sitting area.

The counter of the is U shape, one side of the counter has a sink. And front of the kiosk has a machine which can make the coffee. And the final side is cashier area and pick up area.


The right side of the kiosk is sitting area, and customer can sit here and enjoy their leisure time. And there is a huge stand which has a logo and most people know the brand.

Top, it has a huge top over the U shape counter. And the top has many spot lights, and the front of the top has the light box which can put your posters and menu.



The main material of the kiosk is plywood, and the surface of the kiosk is laminate. They are too strong and durable, it is very suitable to make the food kiosk. The top of the kiosk is black quartz, which make the whole effect more high-end.

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