Detailed info about this coffee mall counter

coffee shop counter

Size: 3m by 2m

Color: dark coffee color and white color

Materials used: plywood with dark coffee wood laminate and white laminate finish

Countertop: used white corian stone

Accessories included: spot lights, stainless steel sink, blackboard menus

retail coffee counter

Still looking for functional coffee counter for your shop? Come here, this is a nice coffee shop kiosk design share with you. It mainly comes with 2 parts, front is sale and order counter, people can order here. Back side is work counter, there have coffee machines and wash sink on this counter. On the back of the work counter is a decoration wall with shelves.The left and back side all has a pylon with logo on it. This kiosk is very suitable for coffee shop use.It is small,but very functional. Do you like this coffee shop counter design?
coffee bar kiosk

Why do you need a custom coffee mall counter to start your business?

  1. Your kiosk should meet the size requirements of your place.
  2. Your kiosk needs to be unique and attractive.
  3. Your kiosk should meet your requirements, such as color matching, style and so on.
  4. Your kiosk layout should be arranged according to your machine.

So you have to go and design and customize a kiosk. Moreover, the mall also requires tenants to provide complete design plans and drawings for review. Ant display has a professional design team and its own factory. We can help you design and make this kiosk.

About installation

Many customers are worried about the installation problem and how to install the kiosk after receiving it. We have taken transportation and installation into consideration when making this kiosk. So when making it we will divide the whole kiosk into 4 parts. We will install everything before packing, we will run the wires, install the sockets, install the logo, spotlights, glass, light strips and so on. After you receive it, you only need to put these parts in the correct position according to the layout, then connect the wires and you are ready to use. Is not it simple?

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coffee kiosk front side