Popular cafe shop counter design coffee kiosk customize size for you

The coffee business is one of the popular businesses for many young people. Because most of the young people love to enjoy life and they prefer to go to the coffee shop to have a cup of coffee. If you want to start a coffee business, we can guide you on how to start and make a coffee kiosk.



Today we want to introduce a popular cafe shop counter design coffee kiosk to you. It has a front counter on the front side of the coffee kiosk. This front counter is for the cashier counter, the customer can order the coffee here.

And the back side has a wall cabinet with a round shape lighted logo. The back wall cabinet has the display shelf that can display the coffee and cups. And on the countertop can put the coffee machine and a water sink. The staff can make the coffee on here.


The shopping mall usually will require you to send them a coffee kiosk design. We can make a new coffee kiosk to help you to get approval from them.

Please send us your location size and logo, we can make a new 3d model for you. Meanwhile, we can put your equipment machine on the 3d design of the coffee kiosk. Then you can check the effect.



Actually, the installation of the coffee kiosk is not difficult. Our factory will install a whole coffee kiosk in our factory. We will install the led strip light, logo, and all the hardware, wires and sockets.

When you receive the coffee kiosk, just need to connect the male and female connectors together. Finally, connect the main wire to the main power of the shopping mall then it can work.

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