Small size perfume display stand shopping mall perfume kiosk

The customers can express their unique personality and style by playfully layering different perfumes. We can see it has many perfume display stands or perfume kiosks in the shopping mall. They can start a perfume kiosk with a small size perfume booth or perfume display stand. 

We have many designs of the perfume display stand and perfume kiosk. You can check them on our website to choose if have any of your favorite designs. In this post, we will introduce a small size perfume display stand shopping mall perfume kiosk to you.



Because the size of the perfume product is not too big, actually to start a perfume business does not need a too big size kiosk. The size of this perfume kiosk is small size, the size is about 2 x 1.5m. It has a total of 4 parts, an L shape cashier desk, a perfume-shaped display stand, a perfume display wall cabinet, and the kiosk flooring. Below I will go through the details of each of these four parts.


L shape cashier counter:

On the front side is a small L shape desk for the cashier counter. It has a 3d lighted logo on the front, and on the countertop, you can put a computer or a cashier register.

Perfume shaped display stand:

This is a display stand with a perfume shaped, very unique.


Perfume display wall cabinet:

On the back side is a perfume display wall cabinet. It has a big lighted box on the left and some small display rack for the perfume, a lighted logo on the top.


The flooring of the perfume kiosk we will make according to your location size. And the material we usually use plywood basic and PVC surface finishing.


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