Luxury Glass Display Showcase Perfume Kiosk for Sale

perfume kiosk

Perfume kiosks are a good idea to earn money. People like perfumes because of their elegant fragrance. It’s a profitable choice to open a perfume kiosk in the shopping mall. A unique perfume kiosk can showcase the perfumes well and also enhance the brand theme. So that clients can remember you well. When you plan to open a business, just remind people of the business and notice the nice drawing.

Description of perfume kiosk

perfume showcase

This perfume kiosk’s main tone is creamy-white with golden decoration. That high level your shop. It fit the location of 3.5m by 2m, even if it’s near the column, we can make the kiosk good for usage.

As we can see in the design, we use a golden frame to decorate the column. It’s good to add a camera and brand signage for advertising.

perfume kioskLayout information

There is a cashier counter near the column, that is safe to use and you can also make full use of the space to show products. Next to it are 3 layers of stairs displayed on the countertop. The bottom has storage cabinets, The surface of the counter has a hollowed-out luminous decoration, which looks very charming.

3 curved counters at each corner, that avoid sharp edges. While the glass display showcases are very important for perfumes kiosk. Because we can add lighting lamp to increase the brightness.

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