Black color modern style perfume kiosk glass display stand

Many people who like perfume, always go to the shopping mall to buy it. Some people say that people like perfume than two kinds: one is the unique smell of prisoners, the other is in love with a special bottle look like. Anyway, not only women but also men all love perfume.

The people who want to start a perfume business, need to consider what kind of perfume can sell well in your location. Also, a good perfume kiosk is an important part of your business. In this post, we introduce the details of this black color modern style perfume kiosk glass display stand to you.



On this 3d design of the perfume kiosk, we can see it has two separate glass display stands on the front. The material of these two separate glass display stands is MDF base and 8mm tempered glass display shelf.

On the top of each display shelf, we had better add the led strip light. Otherwise, it will look too dark and the customer can not see the product clearly. Near the glass display stand has the seating sofa area for the customer to have a rest.

On the back of the seating sofa area is a perfume kiosk. This is the main product display area for the perfume. And the staff can work inside. On the two sides, both can enter, the display area is the glass display cabinet.



Our design team can make a beautiful perfume kiosk design for you. Meanwhile, our construction team can produce the perfume kiosk the same as the 3d design. This is the charm of customized products.

We will make a perfume kiosk design with the size, style and your logo on it. This perfume kiosk design is unique and only fit your need.

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