Small Pharmacy Display Shelves & Slat Wall Showcase for Sale

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Good morning everyone! We recently received much inquiry about pharmacy display shelves. Many people plan to open pharmacy stores and earn money. Now, I am going to share new invention pharmacy display shelves with you. It is for a medical store in Florida. Whether you open a new store or upgrade furniture, it helps a lot. Let’s learn more details together.

White pharmacy display shelves in Florida

White is a very pure color, very suitable as the main color of pharmacy furniture. The size is 1200mm W*600 D*800mm H. We can put it in front of high shelves, the central location, and anywhere you like. As the picture shows, there is a slat wall on one side to hang on items. While the backside has a locked cabinet, we can use it as a storage place. Two sides are semi-circular shelf displays. Which allows placing different kinds of items.

This design idea comes from our customers and made by our designer. He likes it very much as it matches his requirements. So we have a very pleasant cooperation time to build the pharmacy display shelf. I am sure that you can also have a happy shopping time with us. Our main purpose is to help customers start a business and purchase the furniture they want.

pharmacy display

Materials introduction

We usually use two materials to make shop furniture. MDF and Plywood. This pharmacy display rack mainly uses Plywood to make the kiosk body. The surface material is white laminate. Other materials include aluminum groove plate, hardware, stainless steel kicking. We can also add floor light to make it active, each shelf can also add light if you need it.

Can we use MDF to create the kiosk body? The answer is yes. And the surface material we recommend uses high glossy baking paint in white color. We usually make silver and gray into a matte finish as it looks better.

Production details information

Firstly, prepare materials

Before production, our designer will make a construction drawing to follow. So the first step is to prepare materials according to the drawing.

Secondly, cut up materials into pieces

The Plywood and laminate is a big sheet to arrive at our factory. Our workers cut them up to fit for the pharmacy display rack body.

pharmacy rack

Thirdly, build a wooden cabinet

Now the materials come to the assembly room. The woodworker glues all the boards with nails and glue to form a pharmacy display rack wood model. This step determines how strong the display rack is.

Fourthly, smooth the display rack

This step used for surface treatment. Workers use sandpaper to smooth the surface of the display rack and check the structure and dimensions of the counter. Then attach white laminate as the finish. We can see the real looks in this step.

Finally, install slat wall and cabinet doors

This is the last step to finish this display rack. Installation needs about 2 days for the small kiosk. When adding the locked door, we should also complete the stainless kicking to protect it during daily usage.

Package and usage

We will use anti-collision foam to wrap it around for protection. And increase corner collision protection. Then seal it with transparent plastic wrap, and the outermost layer is packaged in a wooden box. This way the display rack can adapt to long-distance transportation.

When customer receive the goods, just Just unpack the package and put it in a suitable place, and put the product on it and it’s ready to use

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