Pharmacy Display Cabinet Back Wall Shelf with Light for Sale

With the development of economics, people concentrate on their body health. It’s a very good idea to make fortune by open a mesial store. Today, I want to share a pharmacy store furniture with you. It is good to install near the back wall. Which increases the display area and saves space.

wall shelf with light

Description of the pharmacy display cabinet

Display rack and wall shelf play a very big role in retail stores. We can place medicines on each shelf. There is a light strip to light products. This display rack has a very simple design but attracts eye attention with the light on.

Before making the pharmacy display cabinet, we should measure the wall size first. It determines how long each wall shelf. As we can see in the picture, the size is 1080mm*400mm*2000mm, which matches the wall size 3240mm. When the wall is long, we can increase wall shelves, or reduce each size to fit for a short back wall. The size and color is change according to special needs.

Material description:

Basic material: Plywood or MDF

Surface material: Laminate, baking paint, or aluminum composite panel.

Color: White or any other color you need

Light: White light lamp hidden on top

Kicking: Stainless steel

pharmacy stand

How to get this wall shelf?

It’s hard to guess how the wall shelf helps before see it in real life. Fortunately, 3D design drawing can solve this problem. It makes our thoughts into reality. Let’s learn how to get it now.

First, make a business plan of the pharmacy display shelf

It’s better to make a floor plan, from which we can decide the pharmacy display design and size. Then think about what kind of furniture is good for this location

Second, make a 3D design according to requirements

It always takes time and energy to find the right furniture. So please discuss your idea with the designer. They will complete the pharmacy display rack in a good way. They even make a 3D design to show the display shelf in all directions, so we can view details directly.

Third, complete construction drawing for order

When you like the design model and confirm the order. We have to make a construction drawing to show the details. In this case, we can confirm the material to use, the craft to build the pharmacy store furniture, and how it will be packed for delivery. So please recheck the construction drawing before production.

Finally, produce the pharmacy store furniture

Production is the last but not least step for customized furniture. Because the production process and steps determine whether you can get high-quality products. This is also the most important factor affecting prices. Since you are looking forward to having a cost-effective pharmacy display shelf, please focus on the progress more. A display cabinet that can be used for 6 to 10 years is definitely cheaper than a display cabinet that can be used for 1-2 years. What do you think?

pharmacy store

Most popular questions:

One: Can we add a brand logo on the top?

Yes, just send us the logo file. We will install it on the top. And also update the design before producing it.

Two: How long to receive the pharmacy display rack?

We recommend reserving 2-4 months for it. As design time needs 3-7 business days. Production time is about 22-25 days. Shipping time need about a month depends on which port to arrive.

Three: Where is the display shelf being built?

It is made in our factory in China. Every process detail will show you. When you think it’s correct, we can package and arrange to ship.

Four: Is it complex to install?

Installation is complete in our factory. You just have to put them in the right place and connect wires. It’s very easy.

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