Simple style skin care wall display showcase cosmetic store furniture

Nowadays, both men and women, old and young, demand for beauty is increasing day by day. Especially girls need countless cosmetics and skin care products. So now when we go shopping, we will find many cosmetics stores on the street.

Small cosmetic shop decoration can be based on modern simple wind, fashion, simple. The door signs must be eye-catching, decoration materials as far as possible to choose good, to create a high-end feeling for customers. More mirrors are designed in the store, so that customers can see the effect clearly at all times in the process of makeup. 



The decoration color of cosmetics stores should coordinate with the overall design style of the interior.

And the texture of different materials should be used to reflect different color effects when choosing decoration materials. The material of this cosmetic shop is MDF with baking paint, 8mm tempered glass.

Cosmetic shop decoration should pay attention to the display of products. The general store must sell more than one kind of goods. Different brands and different functions should be placed separately. To let customers feel clean and orderly at a glance.



We can make a customized cosmetic shop design for you. Please feel free to send us the floor plan and the logo or any other requirements.

For a customized 3d cosmetic store design, it will charge a 500-1000$ design deposit. We will make the shop design for you in 3-5 working days.


After you check the cosmetic shop design, we can discuss and make the changes for you. Then you can send the final cosmetic shop design to your landlord for approval. Finally, we will make the construction drawing to confirm all the details before we start the production.


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