Modern style cosmetic shop furniture makeup display stand for sale

Makeup product is one of the hot sale product of women. They spend so much money on cosmetic products every month. Because the women always want to make themself to look beautiful. To open a cosmetic store is a good way to earn the money, especially the money from women.

Our company can guide you on how to open a cosmetic shop. We can make a cosmetic store design for you. Meanwhile, we produce it in our factory, Now let me introduce the details of this modern style cosmetic shop furniture makeup display stand design to you.



The main color theme of this cosmetic store is black color and white color. It is a simple and fashionable shop style. For a cosmetic shop, the main usage is to display the products for the customer to choose what they want. So the display showcase design of a whole cosmetic shop needs to clearly show the product to your customer.

The display area of this cosmetic shop has some wall display cabinets, display stands in the middle of the shop and display racks on the wall. Except for the display area, it has a makeup area for the customer to try the products. Both are important for a cosmetic shop. It needs a cashier counter not need to be so big.



A good cosmetic shop design is very important for your business. It is the first step we need to do and our design team can do the best for you.

For a customized cosmetic store we will charge a 500-1000USD design deposit. The exact cost is based on your shop size. We will work out it in 5-7 working days for you to review and confirm.

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