Wood Bar Finishes Cosmetic Shop Furniture Display Counter for Sale

cosmetic store furnitureSolid wood furniture and decoration become popular in recent years. Especially in the cosmetic shops, it gives people a good feeling and also makes your shop looks upscale. Here is a luxury cosmetic shop design sharing with you. I am sure that you will like it.

Description of cosmetic shop

The cosmetic shop includes round shape display counter, different levels of the cabinet, column decoration, wall shelving, etc. The cosmetic shop furniture has a white countertop, the kiosk body has wood bar decoration. We can add flooring lights to increase brightness.

cosmetic store furniture

Introduction of cosmetic kiosk

We can see in the design, there are wood bar decorations on the surface. It also has lighting decoration. The middle area has an oval display counter, it has a total of 2 layers to display items.

The wood bar also has mirror decoration, clients can try products and see the effect. Spotlight hangs on the top to increase the deadline.

cosmetic shop design

Reception counter

The reception counter can not only check bills but also show products. There are different levels of display shelving on the top cabinet, each counter has a white flower surface, looks very popular, and can enhance the brand theme. Behind counter has drawers and cabinets for storage.


cosmetic counter Wall display shelving

We can see the wall display shelving surrounding the shop. It has multiple layers, each layer has a light lamp. If you want to have more storage area, then we can make drawers or cabinets at the bottom.

Ceiling decoration

There is a large flower style signage decorating the ceiling, it is in purple color with white light. We can also make a brand signage wall, that increases customer trust in you and enhances your brand image.

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