Metal and Wood Cosmetic Shop Furniture Design

cosmetic cabinet

With the improvement of lifestyle, people focus more on their skin condition. Because they want to look young and energetic. It’s a good time to open a cosmetic shop and provide skincare services. Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic shop design with you.

Description of cosmetic shop furniture

As we can see n the design, there are white chandelier decorations from the entrance to the inside shop, that can increase brightness. The main tone of the cosmetic shop is wood with golden color, creating a natural and harmonious atmosphere.

cosmetic store furnitureWall-mounted display shelving

There are wall-mounted display shelving on the left side, you can adjust the height of each layer according to the products. The base ae lock cabinets, it’s good to store more items.


cosmetic counter

Consultant table

The front has 3 consultant tables, clients can sit down here and enjoy services. Here they can do a preliminary skin diagnosis and decide to choose suitable products.

Wall display shelving

We can see there are other styles of wall shelving on the right wall. Two ends have oval metal frame decoration, it has multiple layers to place goods. Each layer has a light lamp to better show products.

Reception area

cosmetic shop display

The reception counter is set on the backside along with the brand image wall. We can see the counter is also in a wood color that matches the whole shop design. The counter table is white stone, which is good to use and high level your shop. Your brand logo can attach to the counter body and attach to the wall so that clients can remember you well. Because they have to pay cashier here before leaving.

If you want to add glass display, please contact us. We can help you customize shop furniture, and can even add freestanding display or counters for you.

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