Customize cosmetic shop design skin care product display shelf

To maintain a youthful look, a lot of women have invested heavily on skin care products. Skin care products are girls’ more enthusiastic products, the importance of skin care is self-evident. The skin care products used in different seasons are different. So according to different seasons, the decoration style of skin care shops is also completely different. 

In the choice of decoration style, it is necessary to grasp consumer psychology. People have a sense of belonging, the desire to buy, the corresponding season to choose the appropriate decoration. So for a skin care store, how can decoration design attract customers?  



If you are worried about how to make a skin care shop design, I hope on our website you can find out some ideas. Now please follow with me to have a look at a customize cosmetic shop design first.

The lighting in the store and inside the glass counter becomes very important when customers are standing outside the glass counter to select skin care products. Bright lights make skincare products look upscale, so customers will want to buy them.  

This cosmetic shop has the wall display glass shelf for the skin care product display area. On top of them, we can add the led strip light.

Other areas of the cosmetic shop have some makeup stations with mirrors. And on the wall of the skin care store has posters for decoration. Meanwhile, it has a small L shape cashier counter at the end of the shop.



We can make a customized skin care shop design for you. Please send us if you have the floor plan of the shop. Our designer will make a new shop model with your floor plan and put the furniture inside. This way, you can check the effect on the 3d shop design.

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