Simple style hairdressing styling station hair salon shop

With the improvement of living standards, everyone is having more and more pursuit to the visual sense of decoration.  

People no longer pursue luxury decoration style but practical, simple decoration style. So minimalist style was born, we began to like this practical, clean, simple, with a variety of elements of the decoration style.



1. Space design  

Today’s salons are fully functional, and customers come not only for a haircut but also for hair care.  Therefore, it is very important to divide the decoration area of the hair salon. According to the decoration style of the hair salon, different functional areas are divided, such as hair cutting area, perm area, hair washing area, front desk and customer leisure area, etc. Only when the regional division is clear, can the hair salon be more reasonable and beautiful.  


2. Lighting design  

Lighting design is extremely important in the hair salon. When it comes to hair work for customers, the light source effect should be enough. The lighting in the hair salon is not only decorative.  Lighting design involves two aspects: the first is the design of lighting to have harmony and integration, generally will use soft light, can give customers a good sense of warmth.  Second, it is practical. Good lighting design can make hairdressers work more efficiently, and customers can also see the effect of hairdressing through the mirror.  

3. Style design  

Nowadays, there are many styles of hairdressing shops, and different styles of decoration and design are different. When determining the theme style, businesses must choose according to their own actual conditions.  For the decoration effect of the hair salon, it is mainly to highlight the beauty, the hair salon is a place that represents beauty, the overall style should be compatible with each other so that the whole shop looks full of vitality.  

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