Simple style barber kiosk hair cutting station for the shopping mall

All the people want to become beautiful not only the girls. Many boys also like to do hairstyles, and they almost all need to get a haircut once a month. So if you want to start a business but don’t know do what business, you can open a barber hair cutting kiosk. If you have enough budget, you can choose to open a barber shop. But if you want to have a try first, you can make a barber kiosk in the shopping mall for a start. Here we will guide you with some suggestions of how to make a customize barber kiosk. Please follow with us. Here we go!

Barber mall kiosk design

Please see the 3d design of the barber kiosk of the shopping mall. The top has a ceiling hang on the wall, this can add some lights and write your logo on it. The barber kiosk size is about 4x2m, not too big size, but has three mirror stations, a small sink and a waiting sofa area.

We can see from the right side of the 3d design, there are three mirror stations and the corner is the sink cabinet. The sink cabinet can for you to wash your hands and getting water. You are worrying about how to get the water right? Please don’t worry, we can deal with this problem for you.

The solution is if you don’t have the water supply from the shopping mall, we can offer the water system for you. The water system put inside the cabinet, has a pump, a clean water tank and a dirty water tank. We will install a socket for the pump. When you connect the electricity then it will work. If you worry about the water too heavy, we can make the bottom of the water sink cabinet with the

More information about the hair cutting kiosk

And then let us see the left side of the barber kiosk, it is a long black color sofa waiting area here. The bottom of here has the cabinet so that you can storage something here. The advantage of this is that you can use the space reasonably.

All the cabinets and drawers have the same lock with key so that you can close it at night. The outside of the barber kiosk has some lighted boxes for you to put some posters for advertising. Or we can make it advertising TV then you can play the videos as well. You can buy the advertising TV in your local and then let us know the size of it then we will leave the space for you to put the advertising TV.


The material list of the barber kiosk

Basic material: MDF ( this is the basic material of the mall kiosk like barber kiosk, eyebrow kiosk, this kind of kiosk use for the shopping mall and don’t need to contact with water so we use MDF is ok ).

Surface material: baking paint ( we will make 5 times base coat and 2 times finishing coat ).

Logo: the logo material we can make it as your requirement. Usually, we have some options, like acrylic lighted logo, acrylic not lighted logo, stainless steel logo and so on. You can select as you like or according to your budget.


Contact us:

We are the customize kiosk factory, and meanwhile, we have our own design team. Please welcome to contact us at any time when you are going to make a customize kiosk. We can help you to make it as you like and meet all your requirements. Email us at, thank you!




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