Classic Barber Shop Station | Black Hair Cutting Kiosk to the UK

Do you plan to start your own business? Barbershop is one of the most popular industries nowadays. Everyone comes to barbershop regularly, because they should style. For businessmen, they need to cut their hair regularly to maintain their image. For young people, they need different shapes to show their individuality. So, if you have good skills and hire a high-tech hairstylist, then I believe you can capture the hearts of many potential customers and turn them into loyal customers. In addition, a high-end barbershop station helps you increase business.

Hair Cutting Kiosk Description

hair styling station

When we are helping clients with haircuts, the most indispensable things are mirrors and counters. We can put our tools on our counter, and you all know the role of mirrors without me. In addition to the work area, we also need to design the cash register, waiting for the area, and product display area. When we are doing services, we often sell some products that we often use. Such as shampoo or curling irons. From the design drawing, we can clearly see the position and function of each of these cabinets. Our kiosk is not sealed. It has two entrances, and in the middle is our waiting area. Our logo can be placed on the back panel of the waiting area.

The left and right sides make our glass display cabinets, where we can display our products. Inside the kiosk is our work area. It has a total of four locations, and we can receive four customers in time. Our logo or some lightbox paintings can also be placed on the outer back panel of the work area. While serving as decoration, they can also be used to develop our brand.

barber shop Size: 5×2.4m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Logo: Acrylic

Skirting: Stainless steel

Others: Lightbox, mirrors, LED light, cushion


Hair Cutting Kiosk Production

When we confirm the design of the kiosk, we will start production. For this kiosk, its production time is about 28 working days. We are a professional kiosk manufacturer. Our workers will color customers and the details of construction drawings to produce our kiosk.

This hair cutting kiosk is material is MDF and baking paint. The color is black and grey. We are a custom company if you want to change the kiosk color, you can tell me. We can change the color you like. What we provide is a finished kiosk, what you see in the design drawing is the same as the one we finally produced. We will install mirrors, sockets, glass laminates, logos, lightbox paintings, and cushions. Each of our drawers and cabinets is locked, when you receive the goods, you only need to do a simple assembly.

 hair cutting kioskAssemble

After you receive the goods, you can place all the cabinets according to the positions in our design drawings. There are male and female connectors at the bottom of the cabinets that are close together, and you need to connect them. Inside the cabinet of our cash register are our main switch, transformer, and main wire. After we have connected all the cabinets, we need to connect the main wire to the power supply of the mall. Then it can work.


What is your order process?

  1. Design. Design is the most critical step. Without design, we will not be able to complete the follow-up work. If we want to start our business in the mall, we must submit our design and detailed drawings to our mall for review. Therefore, the first step in order is to design. Our design fee is 300 dollars, it is allowed to modify. Our design time is about 2 working days. After we have completed the design, you can send it to the mall for review, and if they request, we can modify the design or materials. The design fee will be refunded to you when we place the order.
  2. Production. When our design passes the review of the mall, we can start production. Before production, you need to pay a 50% deposit. We will start production. During the production process, we can send you photos so that you can know the progress.
  3. Transportation. After the production is completed, if you need us to help you transport. You have to pay 50% of the balance and shipping costs. Our freight depends on your country and the experience of the goods. The transit time is different in different countries.

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