Do you plan to start your own business? Barbershop is one of the most popular industries nowadays. Everyone comes to barbershop regularly, because they should style. For businessmen, they need to cut their hair regularly to maintain their image. For young people, they need different shapes to show their individuality. So, if you have good skills and hire a high-tech hairstylist, then I believe you can capture the hearts of many potential customers and turn them into loyal customers. In addition, a high-end barbershop station helps you increase business.

Advantages of barbershop station

  • Make full use of space. The barbershop station matches the mall size you rent. You can add display showcase, hair cutting area, storage space and seating sofa.
  • Working better. Every kiosk has a unique layout. You should choose the one looks better and good to work.
  • Show brand culture to the public. Before people know your brand, they first see the store. So you can put brand name and logo to the kiosk. So, the kiosk is a good way to show the brand logo and advertise new hair stylish.
  • Makes your store stand out. People like to enter into the store, which looks beautiful and feel comfortable. So it’s very necessary to add your ideas to the kiosk for attracts more clients.

hair styling station

Introduction about classic haircutting kiosk

This luxury kiosk uses black colour as the main decoration colour. Black adds lustre to your shop and also creates a solemn and professional atmosphere to meet the psychological needs of customers. There are two entries on the front side, between them is a long waiting sofa. A cashier counter with glass display showcase near one entrance. It’s good for customers to buy items when pay bills, that can also help you increase sales. While near another entrance is high stand with glass cabinets. On the backside are 4 working table with chairs. This hair cutting kiosk covers an area of 5m by 2.5m. A very common dimension in the mall centre. You should put lightbox, brand logo, menu and TV player outside the wall.

Item name: Barbershop in the mall

Main material: MDF

Surface material: High glossy baking paint

Other materials: Stainless steel, tempered glass, acrylic, light strip, mirror, etc.

Function: Display showcase and provide hair cutting service

Design time: 2-3 business days

Production time: 22-25 business days

Delivery time: It takes about 28 days to the UK, the exact shipping time depends on which port near you.

More pictures show

hairdressing station barber shop hair cutting kiosk


A: What’s a common size for hair salon kiosk?

B: Usually, the mall kiosk is about 3m×3m, 3m×2m, 4m×3m and so on. You should confirm the dimension with the mall manager.

A: What’s the price to get the hair barbershop?

B: For a customized hair cutting kiosk, the price depends on the dimension, style, layout and materials to use. Different customers have different requirements. So please tell us your ideas first, then we check the price for you.

A: Does the price including shipping fee?

B:  All the price is EXW price. When the hair kiosk finished and we get the packing list, we can check the shipping freight

A: Does the kiosk comes with water sink and electronics?

B: Yes, the hair kiosk has a light, electronics, hidden wires. If you need water tap, sink along with the water system, we can help you add to the hair cutting kiosk.

A: How do you make a unique hairdressing kiosk for me?

B:  Please don’t worry about it. We made custom hairdressing kiosks for more than 10 years. You should just tell us your requirements. Our designer will show all your requirements in the 3D design and send for your reference. When you like the design, our workers will build it follow on the confirmed design. In addition, we will take photos and videos to show you how your kiosk being built. Finally, you can get unique hair kiosk.

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