Simple Jewelry Display Kiosk Retail Boutique Ornament Display Stand

Many people like to have the beautiful jewelry or ornament display kiosk for the jewelry shop center or the mall. When the jewelry display kiosk in the shop, it needs to fix the shop interior decoration style. Otherwise, it is incompatible with the shop. If putting in the mall, you can choose any styles.

White Simple Jewelry Kiosk Design

It is one white jewelry display kiosk for the jewelry and can set the goods off very well and will not affect on people’s visiting vision and their attentions. It is for putting in the store center, so there is no cashier counter and logo sign for the kiosk.

Details of the display Kiosk

There are two layers of the jewelry display kiosk, the top layer is for displaying the small jewelry or ornaments, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, jades etc. You can put them in order to show in the cases. The bottom layer is for the necklace on the model, it is more easy for customers to look at their styles. Every layer is installed the LED light strips, it can make the jewelries shining to catch people’s attention. The edges of the kiosk is round, it is one complex workmanship of the kiosk.

Size: The jewelry display kiosk size is 8*8ft, it is one small stand.

Color: It is white, if you like other colors, it is available.

Material: The main material is tempered glass and MDF. The MDF is as the base frame and with white baking paint. The 8mm tempered glass is as the showcase for showing. The hardware locks accessories are for the cabinets to keep goods safe.


3D Rendering Design

Design fee: One kiosk is 300USD. The most important advantage is that the design fee can be deducted in the order amount when you place it from kiosk

Design time: 2-4 working days

Design detail: 3D effect, floor plan and technology drawing

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