Luxury White Glass Showcase Jewelry Kiosk to the USA

jewelry showcaseOpening a jewelry kiosk in the mall is a profitable business idea. Clients’ can find you in a fixed location, which is good to promote your company name. An attractive jewelry kiosk makes your shop unforgettable. Here is a popular jewelry kiosk design sharing with you.

White jewelry kiosk design

This jewelry kiosk has a glass display counter, showcase drawer, storage drawer, brand logo wall, lighting, cashier counter, etc. Size is 10ft by 15ft made for an American customer. It’s a very popular style, we have made more than 20 sets used in the US mall in different sizes and colors.

 jewelry kioskGlas display counter

This jewelry kiosk has a glass display counter on 4 sides, clients can see and select the rings directly. It has 2 different layers of the display, at the top has small drawers with jewelry boxes. While the main counter is a tilted display stand, you can place jewelry boxes in 3 rows and 2 columns. There is an acrylic board between each row to avoid slipping. There are mirrors on both sides of each counter to make the product look brighter.

Irregular hexagon showcase

Irregular hexagon showcases are in the corner, which makes the jewelry kiosk looks attractive and can also increase the display area. The top glass counter is higher than the glass display counter, you can place hot sale products here. Its total has 3 layers glass plate with light, very convenient to use.

jewelry booth

Center display counter

In the middle has a large display counter, it has drawers on both sides to store items. While two ends have drawers and empty bottom, you can set POS systems here for checking bills.

Brand logo stand

Near the entrance is a brand logo stand with an advertising poster. It has 2 limous red lines surrounding the stand, that highlight the jewelry kiosk.

Real completed photos show

jewelry cabinet jewelry display glass display cabinet

Whenever you need a jewelry kiosk, please kindly contact us immediately.

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