Black & Elegant Crystal Kiosk with Display Cabinets in Mall

perfume cabinetA dark mall kiosk can highlight your crystal shop. Before starting a crystal business, it’s important to choose the perfect booth to start a business. Today, I want to share a nice crystal kiosk with you.

Nice crystal kiosk design

This crystal kiosk size is 8m*3m, a very large space in the shopping center. It includes a glass display showcase, wall cabinets, cashier counter, decoration area, and different levels of the display table. We use plywood with black matte baking paint to build the crystal kiosk.

perfume stand

perfume showcaseInformation of crystal kiosk

Brand logo sign

There is a brand logo sign in the middle area, clients can know your business and see your brand’s logo. The center of a kiosk in the middle area has a small table with chairs, clients can sit down here and learn more about your company.

perfume counter

Glass display cabinet

There are glass display showcases with light shelves near the entrance, a logo adds at the bottom to express company brands. It also has different levels of wood cabinets, which show crystals well.

Crystal decoration stand

We can see there are 2 display stands hanging crystals on each side, looks very beautiful and elegant. There are different levels of display cabinets, which can show the crystal in a good way.

fragant kiosk

perfume kiosk designWall cabinets

Two ends have wall cabinets to showcase products. Each cabinet has a spotlight to create a unique atmosphere. The middle area has yellow light display and top has a white logo. There is a brand logo on the front wall, so that people passing by the store can know you, especially when the size of your store is large, the brand logo is particularly important.

You can also add promotional posters to let more customers know about your new product.

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