Simple design shopping mall retail kiosk book display shelf for sale

Different people have different hobbies. My favorite hobby is reading books. It can bring me happiness and makes me smart. Reading is a kind of enjoyment, a way to experience a pleasure. Some people read online and some people buy books. You can rent a place to sell the books and it is easy to start.

This is a simple design shopping mall retail kiosk book display shelf for sale. If you want to start a book kiosk business, you for sure need to make it to display your book product. Please check this book kiosk for reference.



This is a simple style book retail kiosk in the shopping mall. It is combined with white color and gold stainless steel color. The display area of this book kiosk is shelf display with the led strip light on each display shelf. For the material of this book kiosk, we will use MDF with baking paint. You can choose any color you want and the size of the book we can customize it to fit your location.


You need to find a location first at the shopping mall or other places also okay. Then please check the size of your location with your landlord and get back to us. We will make a new 3D model with your location size. And if you have a logo, please send it to us so that we can add it on the retail book kiosk design.

For a customized 3D book kiosk design will charge a 300 USD design deposit. And we will make it in the 3D for you to see the effect so that you can let us know your comments and we will update to you.

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