Mall retail kiosk socks display stand design free customized service

Socks as our essential underwear, and their importance is self-evident. A good pair of socks can bring us comfort and happiness. If you want to start a small business, you can try to sell socks. It doesn’t need too much input cost but also can for you to open your own business.

This is a mall retail kiosk socks display stand design free customized service. You can check the design and let us have a look at it to get some ideas to help you to start a socks kiosk business.



The display area of this socks retail kiosk is glass display cabinet. Inside the glass display cabinet, you can use the hook to display the socks. On the top of the glass we can add the led strip light. The customer can see the product clearly through the glass. And the staff can take out the product from inside.

It has a small cashier counter, this counter does not need too big. Just need it can fit a computer enough. You can make the size of this cashier area according to the quantity of your staff.


Below is the socks kiosk after the customer install it in the shopping mall. It looks nice after turning on the lights. About the installation, actually, we will install a whole kiosk in our factory. We will install the lights, glass, logo, wires and sockets. But because a whole kiosk is too big, we will pack it divided into a few parts.

When you receive the socks kiosk, open all the packages, and then connect the male and female connectors. The main wire needs to connect to the shopping mall power supply. Finally, the socks kiosk will work.

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