USA 3x3m gold with white color retail kiosk gift display booth

You can start many kinds of businesses in the shopping mall to use just a display stall or a mall kiosk. If you are going to start a retail business, we can make a kiosk to fit your need. The advantage of a retail kiosk is not need a lot of budget but also can start your own business. This is why recently has so many people to start a mall retail kiosk business.

This is a USA 3x3m gold with white color retail kiosk gift display booth design. Very high-end and elegant design with best quality and competitive price. Let us check the design together.



Gold stainless steel is a high-end quality use for the retail mall kiosk. We can use gold color to match the white color or black color both look very beautiful and suitable. Outside is the display area and inside is the storage cabinet.

The material is MDF with white color baking paint and gold color stainless steel. All the logo and hardware we will install in our factory. If you need the socket, please let us know. But usually we will install some sockets on the cashier counter area. So that you can connect the wire to your pos register and so on.


The first step we need to make a customized 3d design based on the size and logo you need. You can see the effect on the 3d design and then you can know if anything need to update. It will charge a 300USD design deposit and the revision service is for free.

The shopping mall will require this 3d design so that you can get approval from them. Please feel free to contact us to start a new 3d kiosk design.

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