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Let the most important moments in your life be your witness. For centuries and in different cultural traditions, jewelry has served as a symbol of milestones in women’s lives. Before women have the ability to buy the jewelry, which has always been regarded as the most ritual gift, and each piece carries irreplaceable memories and emotions. Nowadays, women don’t wait the jewelry which sent by others, theycan buy the jewelry to love themselves. The most precious pieces of jewelry don’t have to be expensive, but they have to be significant. Jewelry as a gift is not limited to couples or families, which can apply in some important time. Jewelry is a very symbolic gift. If you have the business of the jewelry, I introduce one mall kiosk to you for the business.

Description of the jewely kiosk

This one jewelry kiosk style looks very simple, and also modern and high-end. The main color of the kiosk is white. The size is 15*10ft, it is enough big, we can see there is so much space inside the kiosk from the picture. So in fact, you can take good use of the space. In the front of the kiosk, there are glass showcases to display the necklaces, rings and ear rings and so on. Some special and attractive necklaces are on the models to show. The brand logo sign is on the two showcases, and left and right  side of the kiosk, which is symmetrical. And two small showcases display the necklaces on two corner separately. The left and right side are all the showcases to show some small jewelry. People can see the jewelry from all the directions. The back side is the cabinets to storage something you want. You can also put something on the counter. There are posters of the lady who wear the jewelry to show the effecion. And also there kinds jewelry on the model in the model. Two decorations are on the two sides of the back wall.  The style looks very simple, but in fact it is very functional and can storage and display a lot things. If your cost is less, you can choose this simple but functional kiosk design. Take a whole view on the kiosk, which give a kind comfortable feeling.

About the material of the kiosk, the basic material is MDF, and the surface is the white glossy packing paint. There are accessories for the kiosk :illuminated logos,lights.

Description of the jewely kiosk

The design of the jewelry kiosk

Our designer will offer you one unique style design base on the size, style, color and your other ideas. Normally, the shopping mall has the requirements of the design. So we suggest you to do make the design to get the approval from the mall. You can contact us to talk something about the kiosk design detailtly. Then it is good for us to learn about your ideas and try our best to help you and meet your needs. The design fee of the kiosk is $300, which will be returned to you if you place the order fro us. Usually, the design time is about 2-4 working days. We can make some changes for you on the design if you or your mall has the needs. So please don’t worry about the design. We are willing to help you get the high quality with cheap price jewelry kiosk.

The design of the kioskThe design of the kiosk

We are very professional in producing the customization furniture, if you have any questions or needs please contact us and talk more.

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