USA Jewelry Kiosk Booth 11ft by 9ft luxurious Jewelry Display Showcase

jewelry counterAre you looking for a jewelry kiosk full of glass cabinets? Unique Kiosk provides customize jewelry kiosks for more than 18 years. You can find all kinds of different jewelry kiosks and even purchase one as the basic design. Please also tell us your requirements about jewelry kiosk decoration, our designer can draw a 3D design to show the kiosk details. Today, I want to share a luxurious jewelry kiosk with you.

Black finish jewelry kiosk design

As we can see in the design picture, it has a glass display cabinet on 4 sides. Therefore guests from different directions can see and buy jewelry conveniently.

jewelry showcase

It has two different styles of showcase cabinet, the first style is a rectangular jewelry cabinet, with a total of 3 layers of inclined angles. That makes clients view jewelry better. Each layer has a light lamp at the top for brilliant. Lighting is very important for jewelry. Another style is the corner display showcase. It increases the angle inside so that we can easily reach the jewelry. The corner display counter is one glass cabinet higher than the rectangular cabinet. We can place hot sales and attractive items here.

Details of the jewelry kiosk

Each jewelry kiosk has closed doors, they can be locked well to prevent items from being stolen.  The bottom area also has a cabinet, it is good to place jewelry boxes and more jewelry. The middle area is the cashier counter for check out. It has a high blender with a metal holder. Brand logo set on both sides, so that people can see it from long-distance.jewrlry display kiosk

Size: This is jewelry kiosk size is 11ft*9ft, we can make it the same size as the location you have rent.

Color: It is in black and white color, looks beautiful and upscale. If you want other colors, just let us know in advance. Because the color can be customized.

Material: We use MDF to build the jewelry kiosk. The finish is high glossy baking paint, with good-looking and smooth touch. 8mm tempered glass usually to make the display cabinet, stainless steel to make the kicking for protection. Lighting, acrylic, and hardware are very important for the jewelry kiosk. Materials in each part will note directly in the construction drawing.

jewelry display cabinet

Building jewelry kiosk information

We can see the real produce effect from the photo. When the jewelry kiosk is finished, workers will first assembly them and turn on the light. Since everything works correctly, the owner can use it well when receiving the kiosk. When the owner confirms it is correct, we can package it well and arrange for shipment.

Time table to get the jewelry kisok

Produce time is the most people concern. It needs 25-28 working days because the raw materials such as glass, stainless steel have to be customized. If the mall managers have time-limited, we recommend starting production earlier. Or you can negotiate installation time with them to avoid loss. Shipping to the USA needs about 22-34 days, depends on the destination port.

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