In the mall, we can see many kiosks, such as food, clothing, cell phones and jewelry kiosk and so on. Most of the kiosks we can design for you. The food kiosk and cosmetic kiosk are our main products, but our jewelry kiosks are also very popular. Therefore, in this post, I will introduce a jewelry kiosk to you.

More information:

Item name: jewelry kiosk

Color: white and black

Style: simple and high-end

Function: display jewelry

Advantage:, rainproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, anti-exposure,

Main material: MDF, Plywood, stainless steel frame,tempered glass

Design time: 2-3 business days

Production time:22-25working days

Payment terms: 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping.


We all know that, if you need to make the kiosk look more high-end, the main colors need to use some black, white and golden color or other. In this kiosk, the main colors are white and black. The whole style is simplistic, which looks more elegant and beautiful. From the picture, we can see this kiosk consists of some glass displays with two-layer, which ensures your products can be seen from all angles by clients with unobstructed views. Around the displays, they are installed some light strips without being exposed to the bright display. In general, the light strips use cool light in the jewelry, making the product look more bright and dignitarial.

A tall white board is in the corner. It shows the logo and poster, avoiding the monotonous. On its left side, it has a cashier counter for consumers to pay their fee. There are two hexagon displays at each end of the kiosk, which make it look simple instead of dull.

In the center of kiosk, there is a customer service counter. It is convenient for sales and customers to discuss jewelry. You are able to place some high stool for them to rest, enhancing their good impression.


As we can from the picture, the frames of kiosk use stainless steel in black color, which beautifies the display even the whole layout and makes it more designed. and the display uses tempered glass. It is more durable and beautiful. In this way,people can see it directly.


We have 14 experience in factory sales and are dedicated to customizing kiosk or shops. To this day, we have held a mature development and production line. So, if you have your new idea about our product, we could design and customize the unique one for you.

First, you need to tell us your specific requirements, including your size, logo, favorable color and so on. We can customize it for you.

Second, for the customized 3d design of this kiosk, it charges 300$ design deposit. The design deposit is a small part of the total cost and will be deducted from the total cost when you order.



When we finish the design, the workers will be in strict accordance with the requirement. The first work is to produce a wooden display. After that, we need to polish and smoothen its surface, which will easily put the baking paint in the next step and make it look more glossy. Finally, we will install the whole complete, including tempered glass gate, light strips and door head.


Our company —UNIQUE is dedicated to customizing kiosk or shops. So, if you have your new idea about our product, we could design and customize the unique one for you. We need you to do a 3D design to check the detailed information. You can send us your own brand logo, and then we will put it on the kiosk. Because the location size of each customer and the logo are different. That is why we need to customize the 3d design.




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