Shopping mall donut kiosk with dessert display stand design

Nowaways, food service is very popular all around the world. When you walked in shopping center, you will find there have so many differnet food counter and juice bar. people always like drink or eat something when they bored or tired. This will greatly increase your shopping fun.

Here the one i wanna introduce is a very fresh and popular multifunction mall food kiosk.

We can see the whole donut kiosk mainly tone is  green. Go with  some red lines. looks very nice, isn’t it?

Basic information: 

  • Size: 8000x3000mm.
  • Color: green, red, white.
  • Material: MDF,stone, glass.
  • Including:light box.logo.



donut kiosk

Like we see the whole kiosk have two area. one is working area, another is seating area for clients.

Work area: there is a square shape counter with a small door. the front part is a small cashier counter and a display fridge.  here also have a donut shape decoratiob on the top part. it’s so vivid. the right side is a row topping counter with glass cover.  the left side is a freezer and pizza prep station . Next to it is a very small sink.

Seating area:  there is a “U” shape bar counter with bar chair.  surface is some pillar shape decoration. clients can seating inside.

For the whole kiosk counter surface, here have A ring of light belts was installed under the table. it’s very attractive and exquisite. match some light box, acrylic logo, it’s very beautiful.

donut kiosk


For almost food kiosk. a special looks and reasonable layout is necessary. a good kiosk color match can make the whole kiosk more attractive. help you Attract more customers’ attention. A good service and comfortable environment can help you stabilize your customers.

Unique kiosk mainly work on the design and customize different types of mall kiosk and display counter for more than ten years. If you want to develop your newsstand business in the mall. custom cabinets are very necessary. It can match exactly with any of your different site sizes and blend in with the ambient tones.

Thanks for your time and reading. hope this donut kiosk design is helpful to start your food business. if you’re interested to build a mobile mall kiosk like this, contact us here!

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