Food kiosk including donut kiosk, ice cream kiosk, frozen yogurt kiosk, cake kiosk and so on.

Most food kiosk in the aisle of the mall. So does this donut kiosk.

donut kiosk

Basic information of this donut kiosk:

  • Size: 5m x 3m
  • Material: plywood with laminate, tile, man-made stone on the countertop.
  • LOGO: acrylic LOGO
  • There is a sink in the back of the kiosk.

It with plenty of machines in it. Like ice cream machine and juice machine. Also, you can see, there is a big glass display showcase for donuts.  As for it, we can provide it or customers purchase it by themselves. Then provide the dimension of it to us to reserve enough space in it during producing.

Besides, some machines on the countertop in the kiosk, however, some are underneath the countertop. Both are based on the sizes of equipment. If it is small, mainly function to display and sell products, it will be placed on the countertop. Like ice cream machine on the countertop. If you don’t want customers to see it. it can be placed under the countertop to hide it. Like the small freezer.

Also, the cash register between both higher pillars, there are the sticker menus on the surface of both pillars. So customers can see it clearly and make a choice to place the order quickly. At the same time, we prefer to put the LOGO on the top of the high pillar, it can capture people’s attention.

If you want to get the one similar to it, please send us email freely.

Thank you

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