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Candies and snacks are not only the children favorite food, but also the adults all like to eat them in the free time. Many retailers like to choose the cute, colorful kiosks for attracting the people to buy their candies and snacks in the street. Would you like to have one beautiful candy kiosk design?

Colorful candy kiosk

This one candy kiosk is colorful, because it has several colors. There is white, purple, yellow and rainbow sticker decoration. The candies kiosk is beautiful, but also very multi-functional, because it has been taken all space of every corner.

candy kiosk picture 1


Cashier counter of candy kiosk

The cashier counter is one side middle. The cashier counter can be used for putting the cashier machine, store the goods and display the goods too. Only such a small area, it can has so enough function. The counter top is white, and following is purple. Its two sides are white multi-step display layers.

Logo sign

The logo on candy kiosk is acrylic hollow-out luminous logo, which is on the white board and people can see it easily. It is on the cashier counter side.

Display area

candy kiosk p2

Four sides are all different colors with different display layers cabinets. Two sides are all yellow, one side top is man-made stone for putting the juice machines to work and protect the kiosk well. Its one display area is layer with LED light strips, and another one are is aluminum groove plate for hanging candies. The corner is one movable display stand with LED light strip, you can move it freely. Another yellow side is ladder type with lights too, and its empty part is also designed the hooks to hang the goods.

Another display area of the candy stand is the entrance side. The entrance is designed one movable display stands too. Its side is one purple cabinet with glass layers and LED light strip to shine the goods.  Some display layers are with baffle to protect the goods.


The candy display kiosk is 3*3m, it is suitable size for the retail booth, and it is customized when you required.

candy kiosk 3

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