There are 4 main types of confectionery products, toffee hard candies, soft candies, and drapery. In addition, there are malt sugar, maple sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus sugar, starch sugar, etc. on the market.  The variety of candies is dazzling, in order to meet the needs of the broad masses of candies, there will be more and more types of candies. So it can adapt to the needs of people of different ages. Candy sales have always been very good. If you want to start a business, candy is a good start.

Candy kiosk is very popular in shopping malls, most of the designs are similar to candy shops, they are very beautiful and interesting. There are many colors of candy, so it can also make the kiosk colorful.

One side of this kiosk is curved, and it can be placed with candy boxes or other types of snacks. The outside is a trapezoidal display, and there is a countertop for the sink inside. In addition to the area where the candy box is displayed, there are also cash counters and other countertops where other snacks can be placed.

According to the customer’s request, we added two lollipop models and some neon logos. Since the customer does not have a logo, we put the name of the candy. The main color of the kiosk is black, and the back of the candy box display area is magenta with a blue light belt. So the kiosk has 3 colors, magenta, black and blue.

The design of the kiosk has a lot to do with customers’ ideas. We need to design a suitable display area according to its products and machines. In this way, the customer can place its products reasonably after receiving the goods. We will also install sockets where the machine is placed.

Kiosk Information

Size: 4x3m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Logo: Neon logo

Glass: Tempered glass

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Others: Acrylic, LED light, sockets



The kiosk design is varied, if you don’t have any idea, our designer will help you to make the design, if you know how to decorate it, then you can tell us your requirements. We can design it according to your requirements. The most important thing is to send us your machine size if you have, we need to leave space for the machines.

Our design drawings contain various angles, and we can see the details of the entire kiosk. Shopping malls also need to review the design drawings and detailed drawings of kiosks, so the design is very important.

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