Useful Candy Kiosk Display Shelf with Candy Boxes

candy booth

A candy kiosk is a good place to show all kinds of sweet food and earn money. Everyone likes candy because of its sweet taste and bright colors. Here is a useful candy kiosk sharing with you. It’s good to use in the shopping mall, candy shop, important events, and even food court.

Introduction of candy kiosk

This candy kiosk has a cashier counter, display shelves, storage cabinets, and brand logo. We made this kiosk size 3m by 1.8m. If you rent another location size, we can adjust the candy kiosk design soon. The main color is a gray color with white decoration.

candy standCashier counter

One ends has a cashier counter with lock cabinets. POS system set in the middle for checking bills. While the back wall has a brand logo here. This can enhance the brand image and make it easier for customers to remember you. Under counter has drawers and cabinets, The colors are alternated between gray and white to increase the interest of the design.

Candy display shelf

The candy display shelf is very important for business. Because it’s where clients purchase candies from you. As we can see in the candy kiosk design, it has 4 display shelves on both sides. It is increased layer by layer, which is beneficial for customers to pick up candies.

candy displayAnother end also has 4 layers of display shelves with acrylic boxes. You can place more candies for sale. It has a curved corner in gray color. Which looks better and can protect clients well.

Storage cabinets

Under the candy, the kiosk is storage cabinets with doors. You can store more items here. If you want it more attractive, adding lollipop models at the top is a good idea. Please contact us when you plan to start a candy business.

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