Salable Stylish Customized Jewelry Kiosk Design for Sale

Jewelry shops are all about fashion and elegance, the same goes for jewelry kiosks. A high-end kiosk can attract more people in the mall, If you want to sell jewelry, this article is worth checking out.


As you can see the above picture, the jewely kiosk has five glass display cabinet. We use temper glass to make them which can fire and moistureproof. Jewelry will look dazzling in such a glass cabinet. Installing LED lights in glass cases will make jewelry more shiny. Then the columns on the front can make your logo. We use acrylic material to make the logo.This kiosk is black and white, line with the jewelry shop fashion elegant temperament. Decorate the cabinet with black stripes to make it more layered. The black display table can be used to display bracelets, earrings, etc.The surrounding cabinets allow you to see the status of the entire kiosk at one glance. It is good to design a lock  inside cabinet body to ensure jewelry safety.

The kiosk has individual bins and shipped to your location by sea. This jewelry kiosk is convenient and takes up little space. More importantly,it can effectively save space and rent

We use MDF as base material to make the cabinet.The appearance of MDF is smooth. The material is fine, the performance is stable. And the shape is simple, there will be no decay, moth and other phenomena. And the bending and impact resistance is strong, suitable for the placement and storage of jewelry

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